Hip stretching with breathe work. Take a minute to make some room.

We spend so much time sitting and our hips hold the foundation of all of our movements and energy. Driving, working, whatever your hobbies are. Even if it’s that you work out a lot, stretching your hips and legs can give you more space to breathe. Repeat this as many time as you want, in whatever order or depth makes sense to you and your body. It’s an opportunity to move and not look for perfection in the moment. Just be where you are today. It may not be the most flexible of your days, but at least you showed up today and gave yourself some time.

Here's a little exercise from Movement Arts Class that you can try at home! Enjoy!

Remember to take your time and build from the foundation up during these movements! This is an alignment exercise that will help build your position for strength in your Aikido and Yoga movements!

Let's talk about fierce love through conflict and owning your space! You are worth it!

These Movement Arts classes are my medicine too. Reminding me to practice being centered, relaxed but present, and extend myself into my own life. Check it out with me Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am at the Aikido Center of Atlanta for a $10 drop-in. No prior Yoga or Aikido experience necessary. See you on the mat. 🖤🔥✨— at Aikido Center of Atlanta.

Learn to connect your body and mind through intentional, expansive movements. Movement Arts classes combine fundamentals of Yoga and Aikido to learn to blend and harmonize from postures to poses and centering to entering. Being conscious of the space within as well as the outer world we live in. Yoga helps us build the conversation within ourselves so we can learn about our own framework through focusing on alignment and finding our individual expressions. Aikido allows us the opportunity to see how we use that to interact with the world and what we can be in control of to make ourselves an intentional presence by learning to blend, move, redirect, while knowing our worth and taking care of each other. Our Aikido portion of the Movement Arts class begins with expanding our own centers beyond the edge of our physical space, beyond the reach of just our own well being, building on concepts of how to handle stress energetically and physically without working with partners yet (we’ll get you ready for it, then if you want to, you can join us for Aikido classes at the Aikido Center of Atlanta or at an Aikido dojo near you.) By knowing that our space is worth holding, without shielding or freezing up, and that the attacks of the world do not all need our aggressive engagement, they don’t need to be ignored either. Our awareness is paramount.

This class is for beginners with no experience in either Yoga or Aikido as well as those who have practiced either or both for years. Students (including the instructor, because this is their medicine too) will have the opportunity to workshop something at their own level of ability. We could all benefit from a chance to meet our feet and build stronger foundations to any contact point on the ground while we practice expanding and get to feel how big our reach really can be out of consideration and care. This heart based, progressive work on every level. Taking time to find the spots that can be allowed to soften, the parts of us that need supported, in an environment where each class takes the shape of those who are in it. By meeting each student where they are on each given day, we’re working towards just taking an hour at a time to remember that it takes a village to live in this life and you are an essential part of it. Thank you for being here. Thank you for taking the time. See you on the mat soon.